Guidance on CA, CPT, IPCC, CMA Certification Exams, Training and Eligibility

Why choose CHAMPS'™

  • Because CHAMPS'™ follows Scientific Methodology to deliver right knowledge to students keeping their level of understanding and requirements of the course in mind.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ covers 100% syllabus Conceptually & Logically.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ is the place where Quality matters over Quantity.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ takes Limited Number of Students per batch, we look after the unique requirements of every student and guide accordingly.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ conducts regular assessments and shows the path of improvement to Every Student.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ offers Enriching and Empowering learning experience.
  • Because CHAMPS'™ cares for every student's success and maintains the record of Highest Pass Percentage at all Levels.

I have passed my 10th Exam and I want to become a CA. In Intermediate (10+2), is MEC better choice or MPC group is a better choice?
Congratulations on completing your 10th. If you aspire to become a CA, we suggest you go for MEC Group, as it will become the foundation for your further education towards becoming a CA.

I have completed my Inter MEC, how can I join for the CA Course?
Congratulations on completing your 10+2, and also it is good to know that you are planning to join CA course. For this, you will have to take an entrance exam called CPT (Common Proficiency Test) followed by IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Test) and Final.

Can a student from any group in Intermediate (10+2) join CA?
Yes, why not. Any student who has completed his/her 10+2 is eligible to enroll for CA, but shall have to clear the first stepping stone of CPT (Common Proficiency Test) to move further towards realizing the CA dream.

How many papers will be there for CPT? And how are the exams conducted?
In CPT, there are Four sections all put together you will write an exam for 200 marks. CPT exams are conducted in Multiple Choice Questions format.

How many papers will be there for IPCC? And how are the exams conducted?
IPCC exams will have Two (2) groups: Group-1 will have Four (4) papers and Group-2 will have 3 papers. Students will have an option of writing the exam for each group seperately or together.

I heard passing CA is very tough? Is it true?
All the good things are tough to obtain in this world; if we ourselves are not determined, everything will look tough in this world. Yes, CA is definitely tough to pass, if you are not coached properly & conceptually. We at CHAMPS'™ make this learning a worthwhile exercise so that your difficulties will be reduced.

As it is said: "The more difficult it is to reach your destination, the more you will remember the journey", hence make a right choice.

If I join other courses like engineering and medical, I have a fair chance of passing. What if I join CA and could not complete?
We agree with you if you join engineering or medical, you have a fair chance of passing, one thing we should understand here is that engineering and medical are degrees with a specified period of learning, whereas CA is a professional course which you will only pass provided you put in your hard and sincere efforts towards learning the concepts and their usage in the financial world.

CA is not a degree. OK, if you dont pass CA, what then? There are various courses offered in financial domain like CAT (Certified Accounting Technician), ATC (Accounting Technician Course) etc... which you can enroll and get a job-oriented training. Apart from this, you have many international courses such as CMA (USA), CIA (USA), Certified Business Accountant (UK) which you can enroll and alongwith this you can enroll for a correspondence degree. And we are sure you be industry-ready if you equip yourself with the required skills.

I want to get a Rank in CA. What should I do?
Yes, definitely we will help you in your pursuit of getting a rank in CA. Systematic learning with good presentation skills and loads of hard work can bring you a rank in CA. But before that, you should ask a question to yourself: "Do I want to get a Rank? Or do I want to become one of the renowned and knowledgeable CAs in future?". If you get a clear answer for this for yourself, then we can clearly address the rank in discussion here.

Also it is prudent to notice here that unlike other national level competitive exams in which a better rank will get a seat at better colleges like IITs or IIMs or IISc, getting a rank in CA is not directly indicative that he/she is a top CA. CA is all about learning from the learned, gaining experience from the industry experts. We suggest you not to run behind the rank mirage. Rather focus on conceptual clarity and subject matter expertise, and in due course ranks will follow you.

There are a lot of institutes offering CA, why should I choose CHAMPS’™?
Yes definitely there are 'n' number of institutes offering CA. It is same as there are 1000s of colleges offering Engineering and MBA in India, then why people spend lakhs together to get a good coaching to get the entry into IITs and IIMs?

Answer to your question is very simple. Its a matter of choice which you have to make consciously and decide "do you want the best which is decided by you as best" or you just want to follow the herd since they all have believed and said something is best.

At CHAMPS'™, you will see a world-class education being imparted in A/C classrooms by world-class professionals with many years of corporate and international experience.

Our maximum strength per class/batch is 45 only!!! Sure you are surprised, whereas other institutes will have 250 to 300 students in each class; how can one teacher interact with 300 students???

At CHAMPS'™, we make you learn. As it is said, "the best teacher wont give you something to drink; Rather he makes you thirsty". We believe it to the core and our methodology creates rational, knowledgeable leaders but not blind followers without any self actualization.

Can CHAMPS'™ assure my success in CA or Career later on?
Yes, we can assure you of your success in CA and Your Career later on if you assure us your complete dedication and undeterred following of the learning standards set by CHAMPS'™. "YOU GIVE US YOUR EARS; WE WILL GIVE YOU A VOICE". You should also understand the fact that you cannot clap with one hand.

I have completed my degree. Is it very late for me to pursue CA?
Nothing can be late for a learner. As a matter of fact, we are all learners in one or the other aspect of life. And we have to keep on learning every day. You can join CA course at any point of time, if you have determined to do so, and CHAMPS'™ can take care of the rest of the things. Here we also would like to suggest that as you have already completed your graduation, why don't you think of doing the International Courses offered by CHAMPS'™ such as CMA (USA), CIA (USA), CIMA (UK)? These will act like a launchpad for your career in Financial World.

What is the duration required to complete CA?
We should understand here that courses like engineering and medical are degrees with a specified period of learning, whereas CA is a professional course which you will only pass provided you put in your hard and sincere efforts towards learning the concepts and their usage in the financial world. CA is not a degree which you can complete in a specified set timeframe.

The target of CA is like a moving target and obviously any answer to this question cannot be fixed.
However, if a student passes all papers in the first attempt, then CA can be completed in 6 years / 4 years / 3 years after 10th, Intermediate and Degree respectively.

Are the international courses like CMA (USA), CIA (USA), CIMA (UK) recognized and valid in India?
All the international courses taught at CHAMPS'™ are recognized and valid globally. With globalization taking its own course, 80% of the global Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) have their offices in India and most of them are predominantly from the Americas. So it will be easy for any of the MNC if we walk to them in their language and deliver work and report in their formats and standards. Hence all the International Courses offered at CHAMPS'™ are highly sought-after in India as well as globally.

Are the international courses expensive?
Yes also and No also. Expensive is a relative word, you are considering this as an expenditure on learning some international course, but we suggest you to consider this as an investment on your future and as a financial student or professiona, consider the ROI (Return on Investment) for this course, once you complete and become a Certified Management Consultant (CMA, USA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA, USA), you will catapult yourself into the next orbit in terms of your career. And world will be your playground. It will also open the opportunities for you to be a self-employed professional like a "Management Consultant".

How will be the class timings at CHAMPS'™?
We believe in an interactive and lively learning and hence we keep our class timings congenial to the students and at the same time make them interesting. We dont believe in the concept that more number of hours spent will fetch you better results. Rather, the same quality hours spent in acquiring knowledge will make you a better student/professional.
"We treat our students as human-beings and not as ROBOTs"